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Sport Ads (I) – Formula 1

I like sports and I have though in create a few posts talking about campaigns and adverts about them. Sometimes is funny see some football player, formula 1 driver or tennis player acting in front of the cameras or just see how each sport promote their events. For the first post I have made a selection of a few adverts of Formula 1:

The first campaign, called “Benditos Malvados”, was done by Shackleton for Vodafone Spain using Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. The first one was did on May 2010 and it makes references of some typical villains. The second has been done this week because of the 2nd position of Jenson Button this season on the world championship, and the main sentence is “the danger is behind a smile”:

The next campaign is done by Shell in 2007 with Ferrari to celebrate 60 years of relationship between them. It was very expensive and recorded in Rome, Monaco, Rio, New York, Hong Kong and Sydney. The campaign was created by Partizan:

With the campaign “Race is a state of mind”, Mercedes made a parody of the competitive relationship in 2007 of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. It was done by the german agency Jung von Matt:

And the last one is another campaign of Mercedes called “Decisions”. It has been done in 2011 and also by the agency  Jung von Matt. In this case the main actors are Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher and a pregnant lady:

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